Churrasqueria Nova Lisboa & Yauca’s Lounge – Grand Opening

Welcome to our Churrasqueira Nova Lisboa & Yauca’s Lounge. Finaly we’re open after long time of rennovation to serve you better.

Our long lasting experience in making the most tender, juicy and delicious slow roasted chicken and barbecue grill in Toronto has made us famous and reputable to the point that the taste will always be adicting craved.

If you never had the chance to try it before, we proudly invite you to come over and try our free tasting offers to witness our legacy.

Your feed back is import for us

Grill, BBQ, Brai House, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Catering

Cold cuts, steak, pork and fish sandwich. Fish platters and all you can eat

Fish and chips, burguers, chicken wings, rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken. 

Authentic and tipical angolan dishes: Mufetes, muamba, cabidela and the famous ‘funge’ (fufu)

Quality and comfort are the key ingredient that makes Churrasqueira Nova Lisboa and Yauca’s Lounge a destination either for get together with friends and family or business meeting.

Our menu features cuisines and taste from North America, Central America, Europa and Africa.

While you delight a delicious food you’ll be presented with a soft and wonderful music from around the world.

We’re On:


Music gently provided by Massemba Productions

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